Writing a guest post, (I have been told), is a pleasure. Writing a guest post for The Fool, however, was a challenge. TF maintains a very niche blog – Three Realms of the Mind – dedicated to fantasy, science fiction and historical fiction, and their combinations, like mythology and anime. I follow this blog and I admire this blogger, and so I knew that I had standards to maintain.

To add to it, TF chose a trending genre – mythological retelling. And here is my take on it. Hope you like this retelling of a story spanning Mahabharat, Ramayan, Shivpuran and more.

People wanted many things. Jahnavi wanted just one. Just one thing, but she wanted it with every fiber, every vessel, every particle of her being. She wanted to be reborn.

She could have shed her skin, like a snake could, but that won’t be enough.

Maybe she could burn her flesh and bone, like a phoenix did, but that didn’t feel enough.

She needed more. She needed to shed the skin and melt the flesh and burn the bones of her being. And then throw the ash into the sea, to be tossed and turned and thrown and claimed back. To be cleansed. To be eroded.

Maybe, that would suffice. Just.

She envied the moon here, which shone bright and pure, untouched and aloof. And the waves, lined with silver, rising and falling and breaking upon the sands, unaffected in an inevitable way. And most of all, she envied the sand, which shone like stars in the moonlight. A sky in itself it was, the beach, a reflection of the sea, and yet, so real…

“I wish I had begun here.” She murmured.

“This is not the place for beginnings, sweetie.” replied her uncle. “This is where things end.”

They sat away from the waves, on a dry spot, a fire crackling away between them. It felt so blissful – the warmth, the beauty, the silence, the peace… Could such simple adjectives ever suffice?

They would have to. She wanted just that now. Simple adjectives for a simple life. She had had enough adventure for a lifetime.

“Jahnavi?” asked her uncle tentatively.

He would need his answers. Of course. But there were just so many questions…

“Jahnavi, I know you need some peace, but please… I need to know something… about this… situation.”

“I know.” She sighed. “I just don’t know where to begin, uncle.”

“You could begin with telling me why you are here at my doorstep, with a bunch of girls I have never known, in the dead of the night.”

Hope you liked it so far! You can read the rest of the story at Three Realms of the Mind. Do let me know what you think about it!


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