An old man sent to jail before he committed something you call a crime, over 5000 detained for, well, not eating and fighting against corruption, peaceful mutinies all over the nation that you cannot control without force… Does that ring a bell? Oh wait, I remember! It reminds me of the colonial British Raj! But no, this used to happen when we were not independent, right? But now we are free, right?

Stop trying to be on both the ships, so you can decide which one to leave when it sinks. Rats do that. Speaking of rats, I always thought of you as monkeys rather than rats, seeing you have a Vanarsena at your disposal. But perhaps their courage and bravery comes useful only when Muslims are to be killed or partygoers are to be assaulted.

Nitin Gadkari,
Nobody goes to a party uninvited. Thing is, this is not a party, people are actually starving here.

Politicians in general,
Just a question out of curiosity – did you ever, as a kid, hold an Indian flag in your hand? Or, have you seen your kids doing that? (A pointer to help you remember: people look happy and proud when they hold it, not haughty, shrewd or gleeful.)
And oh, sorry for wasting your time with this question Ms. Gandhi. I know you didn’t, so Your Highness and Your Kids are exempted of the shame.

All those citizens of India who know and understand what’s happening, but have decided not to do anything about it,
Please explain to me how your mind or heart works. I need to understand. No, really, I do.

All the Indians who are doing something, anything!
Hang on there. You are this country’s only hope, howsoever feeble it might be. Keep doing your better.

The day you were born, we got someone much better than what we deserved. Stay alive. Please.

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