Valentine’s Day

They sat still in silence, hugging each other. There were tears in her eyes, and he was sombre. Both were overwhelmed and humbled. In their ears, a Walkman played Nickelback.

It was their first Valentine’s Day together, and the day before, they had planned the perfect romantic evening together. They were gonna get an expensive meal parcelled to his apartment, and have dinner while watching their all time favourite Lord of the Rings. It sounded like a dream come true.

But while going back to her place, sitting in the autorickshaw alone, she noticed a man at the signal. His right hand and leg were twisted and scarred, and he walked with a limp from car to car, begging for alms. Unable to look at him any more, she closed her eyes, and took a deep breath. They are everywhere around you, and you look away when you see them, but you can’t close your heart to them, can you?

She wasn’t herself when she reached home. She was deep in thought even when he called, his voice laced with excitation about the next day. Suddenly, her lost voice had interrupted his cheerful one, “Hon, can I talk to you about something?” He knew something wasn’t right. “Yes dear, tell me…”


The next day, they met in Landmark and bought a sapling worth 80 Rupees. Then they went to his place, and ordered a meal from a nearby restaurant, which cost them 106 Rupees. And the expensive dinner that they had planned, which would have cost them 2000 Rupees at least – Well, they donated it. INR 2000 were credited to an animal care organisation, and their one meal on a special day became a special meal for many animals. The sapling was planted, she wanted to plant something for all the rose bushes which were cut that day.

His mood had become grave when they were browsing for different places where they could donate. They had fallen silent looking at the pitiful faces of little children and the innocent eyes of animals calling out for help. And even as they wanted to help them, they felt helpless.

For a long time after the donation was made, they sat still in the silence, hugging each other. There were tears in her eyes, and he was sombre. Both were overwhelmed and humbled, by their own actions. In their ears, a Walkman played Nickelback – “If everyone cared..”

He spoke after a long time.
“I did it for Snowy. And I wouldn’t have done it without you. Thanks..”
“You did it, thats important.”
“I want to spend every Valentine’s Day this way.”
“I guess thats why… I want to spend every Valentine’s Day with you.”

Valentine’s Day is for love, not just for the lover. And love can be for everyone and anyone, even those you don’t know. When you share love, it becomes a feeling that resonates through your being. It rings in your cheerful voice, and shines in your tearful eyes. Sometime, just try this, you would know.

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