We are your better half, your sensitive half, your cuter half, but also the smaller half, and the silent half of you. we are, as you would put it, complicated people, who don’t understand themselves, who, in fact, don’t understand anything. But we beg to differ.

You believe that our lives are boring, we concentrate on trifles and talk about things. But you pretend too much; at times, you wish you could talk to someone. And you know, we don’t rote all day in college. We do have brains, and also a sense of fun. So your stereotype – “tum log ghotte ho yaar! hum log lite lete hai.. ” – seriously, chuck it! We’re bored.

We hear you complaining that there are no beautiful girls to look at in the campus, we see you using your fingertips to count the few females who are ‘worth a glance’. You go on and on about how ‘dry’ your college is, while we are sitting with you on the same table. And at all these times, we wonder what makes you think that you deserve to have beautiful as well as intelligent girls hovering around you, when your own population, if we think about it, is nothing supernormal.

You believe that birdwatching is your birthright. And if you neither drink nor smoke, even for a change, its unnatural. But if a girl does that, or even wishes to do that – oh no! thats so characterless! We don’t want every liberty that you have, we just want a fair judgement, you know.

At times, you go to the extent of thinking that you would be popular if you divulged a girl’s secrets to a crowd. you proclaim your intimacy with a girl just to put up a cool face in a group. Sometimes, when you are drunk and loose on the streets, you take the liberty of jeering at a girl walking alone. You evetease, just for the fun of it; perhaps you derive an insane pleasure in seeing us scared, supressed, at your mercy. you know what? We feel sick of you at times as these.

You still don’t realise, do you? we aren’t meant to be a prize for your eyes. We also aren’t just a bunch of body parts you fancy. We’re people with brains and a heart, and above all, we’re people with an identity so much independent of yours.

Introducing ourselves to you,

Yours Sincerely,


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